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The first signs of human habitation on Mie can be traced back 10,000 years and that’s only one of this ancient prefecture’s historical claims to fame. Lush mountains, crystal clear streams flowing from valleys to the sea, beautiful coves, small and large islands. . . Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Mie is a land where people have lived in harmony with nature since ancient times. Visitors come in direct contact with the spirituality, rich culture and deep traditions of Japan.

Mie is situated in the center of Japan’s main island Honshu, on the Kii-hanto peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean. More than one third of the prefecture is made up of national parks; its craggy mountains, misty forests, and waterfalls were ideal for ninja training which you can still experience today in Iga, that is also the birthplace of haiku poet Basho.

Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine) is Mie’s most famous attraction, encompassing nearly one-fifth of the picturesque coastal city of Ise. It’s an important temple complex to see and experience, dating back to the 3rd century. From Ise Jingu you can also join the trail of the ancient Kumano Kodo, walking the 170-km Iseji pilgrimage route to Wakayama Prefecture. In the Toba and Shima areas, you can see traditional female Ama (free-divers) at work and experience their life first hand at their “huts”. Remote Maruyama Senmaida is one of Japan’s most beautifully preserved rice paddy terraces, offering gorgeous views.

As Japan’s gourmet capital, Mie is famous for its seafood, including Ise spiny lobster, abalone and oyster. It is also the breeding area of Matsuzaka cattle, famed for their high-class marbled Wagyu beef. In addition, Mie boasts some of Japan’s unique leisure attractions, including the country’s biggest amusement park and a F1 Grand Prix track. All of which can be perfectly combined with top notch golf on stunning courses to complete your Mie “Golf Plus” Experience.

Away from the maddening crowds of Kyoto and Osaka, there is so much to see and do in this small prefecture, that your biggest concern will be if you are staying long enough to see it all. Not surprising that Mie has one of the highest repeat visitor rates in Japan.


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Key Regions in mie

  • Northern Area

    Where Nature Meets History

    The Northern Area of Mie is home to Mt. Gozaisho, rich with natural scenery and the Yunoyama Hot Springs in its foothills. In the Edo Period, this area was part of the Tokaido Road, the most important trade route from eastern to western Japan. Today, it boasts attractions such as the Nagashima Spa Land, the Suzuka F1 Circuit and the Nabana no Sato flower garden.

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  • Central Area

    Hot Springs and Matsusaka Beef

    Central Mie is a historic area featuring not only the famous Sakakibara Hot Springs but also various heritage architecture such as ruins of the Matsuzaka Castle and Saio Palace. Also noteworthy is the beautiful Osugidani valley at the source of the Miyagawa River. Finally, this is the breeding ground of globally renowned Matsuzaka cattle, making it a gourmet paradise.

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  • Ise-shima Area

    Cradle of Japanese Spirituality

    Southeastern Mie has many enchanting things to see, including the Ise Jingu, Japan’s most sacred shrine as well as the nearby Oharaimachi and Okageyokocho districts packed with souvenir stores and restaurants, and the ‘Husband-and-wife Rock' in Futamigaura Bay. The area is also famous for its beautiful, intricately-formed coastline and abundance of fresh seafood.

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  • Western Area

    Birthplace of Ninja and Haiku

    Located near the Kansai region, the Western Iga Area is famous as the home of ninja spies. Visit the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum, a former ninja residence where you can enjoy the ‘ninja experience’ through activities such as knife-throwing. As the birthplace of Haiku master Matsuo Basho, it’s also home to Haiseiden, a travel-themed haiku museum with great cultural significance.

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  • Southern Area

    World Heritage Kumano Old Road

    As you walk the moss-covered cobblestones of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes in Southern Mie, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, you'll be enchanted by the 1,000 years of history and nature. Other experiences in the area include Shichiri Mihama, Japan’s longest pebbled beach; and the terraced paddy fields of Maruyama Senmai, one of Japan's finest.

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