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Mie – A Land of Endless Fascination


When talking about Mie´s attractions, cultural highlights and fascinating historic sites such as Japan´s most sacred shrine “Ise Shrine” come to mind. It’s also the birthplace of the (Iga clan) Ninja. Mie, however, boasts a plethora of additional attractions, abundant natural scenery and a variety of leisure facilities. Those can all be perfectly combined with excellent golf for your unique Mie “Golf Plus” Experience.

Truly spectacular and a Must-See Attraction

The Northern area of Mie is home to one of Japan´s most stunning flower theme park – Nabana-no- Sato located in Kuwana City.  The park, part of the Nagashima Resort – a major vacation destination – is home to numerous sections of flowers that change throughout the year depending on the season. You will love the Cherry Blossoms from late March to early April, the Tulips in April, and Roses in late May. The crown jewel of Nabana-no-Sato is its winter illumination. Starting in mid-October and running until the beginning of May, the site comes alive at night with millions of lights and is one of the most spectacular and mouth-dropping installations in the world.

Nagashima Spaland, also part of the giant Resort, is reputed to be the best amusement park for roller coasters in western Japan. The park is filled with a giant Ferris wheel, a water park and over forty rides, ranging from gentle to thrilling ones for those seeking some exhilarating moments.

Shopping enthusiasts will find themselves in haven at Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima, a large outlet mall. The 300+ stores – the most among outlet malls in Japan – carry world-renowned brand names, popular sporting goods, and a plethora of other shopping options.

Enjoy stunning views of Northern Mie

Just a short hop from Mie Country Club and a 30 min drive from Yokkaichi, Mie´s biggest city in the Northern area, is Mt. Gozaisho. This crag, a popular winter ski resort for those living in Central Japan, is the highest mountain in the Suzuka Mountain rangeand the center of Suzuka Quasi-National Park.  A cable car – Gozaisho Ropeway – takes you to the top of the mountain in approximately fifteen minutes. Mt. Gozaisho’s sharp lookout provides for some commanding views of the surrounding mountains, Yokkaichi and Ise Bay. This experience is particularly recommended in fall, you will love the beautiful colorful autumn leaves.

Relieving treatments for sore golf muscles

If you´d rather opt for a relaxing bath, the Yuunoyama Onsen is the perfect place to unwind. These hot springs at the foot of Mount Gozaisho have served the people of Mie for over a thousand years. Take a long soak after your round of golf and you will feel fantastic again.

A hot sand therapy – or sammotherapy – dates back thousands of years to an ancient Greek practice and involves treatments performed in a bed using a base of warm, golden alpha-quartz sand. The sand warms the body and relieves musculoskeletal pain. Like a sauna or steam room, the heat also causes you to sweat, detoxifying the body, the moisture is wicked away by the sand. You will feel completely rejuvenated after this magical treatment at SAWA in Tsu.

Suzuka Circuit – a Paradise for motorsport fans

The track at Suzuka  is arguably the best in western Japan and serves as  one of the oldest remaining tracks  of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It’s one of only two FIA Grade 1 licensed tracks to have a “figure eight” layout, the other one being the Fiorano Circuit in Italy. There is plenty to enjoy thanks to the fun-filled theme park called “Motopia” next to the track. Go on motorsport-themed rides, soak up the racing atmosphere, or even drive on the actual Japan F1 Grand Prix track!

The Toba Aquarium is worth a visit

The Aquarium is located along the waterfront of Toba Bay, just next to the Mikimoto Pearl Island and contains more than 1200 species of fish and animals – one of the largest numbers in Japan. It is the only aquarium in Asia where you can see Dugongs and African manatees (model for the Legend of Mermaid). There is no herding along – you can walk through this world-class aquarium at your own pace and without regular routes!

Soak in all the beauty of Ago Bay

Ago Bay – in the southern part of the Shima Peninsula – is often called “Japan’s Aegean Sea” due to its beauty.  The spectacular coastline and the sight of the 60 small islands surrounding the Bay are so beautiful that you won’t forget this landscape once you have seen it. The entire peninsula has been designated as the Ise-Shima National Park. Walk up the stairs to the Yokoyama Observatory where you have an incredible view of the entire Ago Bay from 203 m above sea level. It is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Mie although it never feels crowded. During the week you may even be lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful scenery all by yourself with your friends.

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