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A Golfer’s Mini Guide to Mie Prefecture

  Kieron Cashell


Flying over Mie prefecture you are immediately awestruck at how picturesque the prefecture is. A natural and unspoiled landscape dotted by rolling hills of exquisite golf courses, 68 to be exact. Their manicured fairways and challenging layouts sit with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains or beside beautiful coastal views of the south. Mie is situated in the Kansai region on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan easily accessible within a few hours of all the major cities, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya. However, there is much more awaiting you after a round of golf than just the 19th hole.

Much to do and see

Mie prefecture is steeped in history and culture. As host to many sacred and historical sites in the country as well as links to the Imperial family, Mie has welcomed pilgrims for centuries. Visitors continue to travel to Mie to experience the many shrines and ‘power spots’, to pray for good fortune and vitality from the gods. Mie’s capital is Tsu city, home to Tsu Castle built in 1558. With so many places to visit throughout Mie prefecture any golf trip will be accompanied by welcomed side trips to , “power spots” that will hopefully improve your game.

Stay and play!

All 68 courses in Mie are exceptional in terms of challenge and quality and are opened all year round. Some recommendations include the Excellent Golf course Ise Otori in central Mie. With breathtaking water features, it is a fun course that never disappoints and will have you reaching for your camera from tee to green.

To the south is the Ise Shima area where you will find Nemu Golf Club. This is a family-friendly course newly renovated and with some breathtaking views of the archipelago. A particular recommendation if you are staying with little ones, is the starlight viewing, which has a great outdoor bar for adults and comes complete with campfire to roast marshmallows.

Near the city of Tsu is the Jumbo Ozaki designed Tsu Country Club. This 18-hole strategic masterpiece is one of the more interesting and unique courses., With one of the warmest welcomes, delicious local food and wonderful accommodation with the newly opened Kodata lodge, Tsu CC the epitome of Mie golf hospitality.

Equipment: Golf 5 Tsu store

If you are heading by the city of Tsu, the newly opened Golf 5 store is a must see. It is one of the best golf shops I have ever been to in Japan. It’s huge and has literally every Japanese and foreign maker under one roof. New and used clubs are plentiful and hitting bays and fittings are available. Golf fashion is a big thing in Japan and there is a wide selection of clothing options available (thankfully in XL too). The staff at Golf 5 are very informed; which you can really tell as there is an emphasis on quality and and fitting technology – these people really know their stuff. Give some time for a visit here as it really is an exclusive golf experience.

What to Eat

Mie has some wonderful seafood, seasonal fruit and vegetables and other meat delicacies. However it is really for its seafood Mie is renowned. The local lobster known as Ise-ebi is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike., As is Tekonezushi. a bowl of rice topped with delicately cut tuna slices that have been soaked in a sweet soy sauce. The wonderful Ama divers and their Ama hut restaurant is another site to see, serving freshly caught oysters, abalone and lobster, all cooked on an open fire. However, if seafood isn’t your thing, then there is the local, Ise-udon. This udon is a flat udon noodle mixed in a rich black soup. It’s traditionally served with a raw egg but can be left on the side if you choose. There is also the legendary beer-fed Matsuzaka beef. This beef is extremely tender not only from the beer, but also the cows are actually massaged to improve the tenderness!

Mie prefecture is a place of endless discovery. There is so much to do and see in one small prefecture, that your biggest concern will be if you are staying long enough to see it all. Luckily, it isn’t going anywhere, and if you didn’t get to experience and discover it all the first time, there’s always the next time!