Yokoyama Observatory Deck

Shima, Mie

Yokoyama Observatory Deck

Perched at an altitude of 203 meters on Mount Yokoyama, the Yokoyama Observation Deck sits on Kashikojima Island, by the saw-toothed coastline of Ise City in Mie Prefecture. Here the convergence of the sky, sea and land carries a transcendent atmosphere. The sunsets here are particularly beautiful. You can enjoy the splendid greenery at Yokoyama Observatory from its different angles of the three refurbished decks.

There is an unbroken view of the Ago Bay, which is famous for its deeply indented coastline. The view of the approximately 64 islands and numerous pearl boats is absolutely incredible. The Ago Bay is a famous and appealing ria coastal inlet in Japan with around 60 small islands and a peninsula with a dendritic, treelike outline. The wide view from the terrace is simply breathtaking! A bird’s eye view of the azure sky, cobalt sea, and the bustling islands is simply amazing.

Komorebi Terrace is another observatory deck re-opened after renovation. The tree shadows make the space particularly cool and chilling. Have a relaxing time here at the tree counter, gazing at the wonderful view.

There is also a visitor center nearby where you can learn more about the nature of the surrounding area as well. A café is newly opened for the indulgence for great tastes in the Ise Shima area.

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